Under Dream

Installation Fabric, thread, surfaces of, L: 200cm x l:150cm x h: 220cm, 2009 Constant presence of Eros and Tanatos, fishnet stockings, threads of love, strategy of the passionate and fatal spider, wings under wind -- such are the invitations of Anette Messager, the artist to whom I make reference in this installation. Here lie the […] Read More


"Cinema is the act of making music with painting" Jean-Luc Godard This installation that integrates the projection of images has for its objective to state and reinforce the its proper significance. It creates as well a situation in which physical connection with the object establishes itself by the spatial domain’s definition. The projection of images […] Read More

Self Portrait

"One night, I dreamed that I was dreaming that I was in the process of dreaming" Calderon de la Barca The self portrait that I propose is not figurative; it doesn’t attach itself to represent my face or my body or my inscription in the world of things, nor does it aim for a resemblance […] Read More


his assembly elaborates on the theme of enclosure; by exploring the problematic aspect of the edge as an active membrane of exchanges between the exterior and the interior, I am looking above all to know in what way the formal constraint fortifies expression on a purely plastic level, without necessarily dabbling in various considerations of […] Read More


The pictorial organization of this surface again takes the idea of the triptych. I placed a painter’s ladder in unfinished wood with its feet on the ground directly at the center of the wall. It materializes the path of horizons that withdraw from the original plane. Bearing symbolic importance, it is a perspective withdrawal at […] Read More


Exhibition at Bonneval   Exhibition space       Paintings   Read More

Gallery 1980 2000

My work My plastic works endlessly undo, unfurl, untangle and reinstall at the crossroads of the tenseness pertaining to the history of signs and the being in the present time, shaping within their both moving and anchored mental polysemic space. With the importance given to sense and development aspiring to a transcendency shunning idealism and […] Read More

Idols Tempera and pastels

Series of 21 paintings Tempera, pastel on paper, 80 x 50 cm, 2000- 2003 The cutting up of space in three zones has always been one of my consistencies. The history of mathematics teaches us that at the dawn of humanity, the number one would have been named by either the sun or the moon, […] Read More

Ecce Homo

First stanza in the path of the cross: The evangelists claim that Jesus was brought to court in the palace of Galilee’s King Herod Antipas. Saint Matthew and Saint Mark also mention the presence of an entire company of soldiers. The latter clothe Jesus in a crimson tunic (the saint Tunic), place a crown of […] Read More


The artistry and poetry of the Hebrew alphabet This work does not propose a new discourse on the letters of the Creation; it shows them in a complete work. As a pilgrim in search of meaning, I have oriented their decryption towards a transformation and a progressive renewal, embracing telluric and cosmic strengths. This pictorial […] Read More