“Cinema is the act of making music with painting” Jean-Luc Godard This installation that integrates […]

Self Portrait

“One night, I dreamed that I was dreaming that I was in the process of […]


his assembly elaborates on the theme of enclosure; by exploring the problematic aspect of the […]


The pictorial organization of this surface again takes the idea of the triptych. I placed […]

Mer Museum

Exhibition at MER Museum   Exhibition space Paintings


Exhibition at Bonneval   Exhibition space       Paintings  

Gallery 1980 2000

My work My plastic works endlessly undo, unfurl, untangle and reinstall at the crossroads of […]

Ecce Homo

First stanza in the path of the cross: The evangelists claim that Jesus was brought […]


The artistry and poetry of the Hebrew alphabet This work does not propose a new […]