Fabric, thread, surfaces of, L: 200cm x l:150cm x h: 220cm, 2009

Constant presence of Eros and Tanatos, fishnet stockings, threads of love, strategy of the passionate and fatal spider, wings under wind — such are the invitations of Anette Messager, the artist to whom I make reference in this installation. Here lie the protective mosquito nets of cradles: their triangle straps suggest accent circonflexe of the word “rêve” (dream), under dream. On the ground, large tropical leaves, dead, scattered and pell-mell. Such is the litter of hemmed fabric, which is protected by a sort of camouflaged thread. The accumulation invites exploration, the plucking off of successive layers, the frisking of this heap of textile surfaces. As the fluorescent light slowly appears and projects itself on the leaves’ material, their color tints then emerges from the black light, collectively revealing a kind of firefly. The intruder taps into a progressive, intimate, and furtive discovery. He installs himself in a shelter in which he be abstracted and dream.