Series of 21 paintings
Tempera, pastel on paper, 80 x 50 cm, 2000- 2003

The cutting up of space in three zones has always been one of my consistencies. The history of mathematics teaches us that at the dawn of humanity, the number one would have been named by either the sun or the moon, the number two would have been represented by the wings of the bird, while the number three, dividing up time into the past, present, and future, would reflect on all the other numbers and therefore remind man of his impermanence. For me, this recurring reaction precedes what is considered to be the ternary law of subject-verb-object, that which provides the basis of language assimilation. The terrain of my reconnaissance work still establishes itself today on this triptych. French of Spanish origin, I constructed myself in Argentina. In France, I reclaim my history made of complex hybridizations of lives and places. It explains itself naturally in the crossing of techniques and materials in search of raw edifications of myself. Every search for identity modifies itself through various relationships between the self and others. It supposes moreover this otherness. The subject takes shelter in multiple aspects that cohabitate, particularities engaged in a process of perpetual transformation. Among the lines of questioning of the post-modern current, particularly in their relation to time, I decline all responses that arise from fragments of images, reminiscences of sensations, and incomplete narrations. First of all, experience earns its own value, as though in its own world. It cares above all about its own existence. By doing so, a new relationship falls into place with the other “self” – the beholder – summoned from deep within by flagrancy and quite possibly by the universal illusion of humanity.

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