My work

My plastic works endlessly undo, unfurl, untangle and reinstall at the crossroads of the tenseness pertaining to the history of signs and the being in the present time, shaping within their both moving and anchored mental polysemic space.
With the importance given to sense and development aspiring to a transcendency shunning idealism and opening unto others, my works keep on developing, as they relate to a complex perception of the world, beyond the technical and plastic requirements of the making of.
In order to find the infinite’s fullness, the archaic flight towards the eternal quiet of revealed beauties, I retire inside a demanding ritual without calling upon at once experience or the trends of contemporary art. This position calls up the total expression of one’s being. Everything’s been explored…..what is to be done with the indelible print of the history of the arts? There precisely lies the subject matter of my work, in the alchemy of surface, amongst the objects of the invisible, inside the desire for an impossible neo-romantic rendering of liberty, poetry, philosophy and the arts.
The project’s value exists inasmuch as its goal never stops eluding my pursuit. Nothing is granted; I call up both the raw subjectivity of childhood and its so peculiar perception of things, and a form of subtle memory.
The works on show here stem from helter-skelter founding directions within realms which were progressively structured inside the maze of straightened up oblique lines. Verticalness and horizontalness step in and graft all kinds of expressions, forms and textures where colors and spaces coalesce and build a synthesis in the way of a graceful and geometrical conclusion.